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Did you get hit by the recent hail storm in Wheat Ridge or Denver?
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Storm DamageIn Colorado, many roofs must be replaced before their time because of hail, snow or wind damage. Often, though, they simply wear out. Whatever the reason, timely maintenance, repair or replacement will ensure security for you, your family and your possessions.

An insurance claim for roof repair can cause you stress. These answers to storm damage repair questions we’ve heard from Coloradans over the last 20 years might ease your mind.

Your homeowners’ insurance typically covers damage caused by hail, wind, falling tree limbs, snow, etc. The insurance company adjustor will determine the extent of damage and will estimate the cost of repair.

You may discover that your neighbor got a much higher damage estimate than you did. Storms can cause variable damage, but it’s possible your insurance company adjuster missed something. We recommend you have a roofing contractor on hand when the adjustor is on site. You may ask your insurance company for a second inspection if you did not have a roofing contractor on site the first time. Mountain States Roofing, Inc., has experienced inspectors who will meet the insurance adjuster at no cost to you.

A roofing inspector is trained to spot damage on the wide variety of roofing materials used in Colorado. After years of experience, they can spot slight indentations or missing granules in the shingle that spell trouble long-term. This damage, left unrepaired, will greatly reduce the durability of your roof.

Damage may be extensive and require complete replacement.

Your roof may need only some shingle and gutter replacement.

Your siding also may need to be repaired.



Mountain States Roofing, Inc., is experienced in addressing all roofing, gutter and siding problems.


Even if there hasn’t been a storm, you may want to have your roof inspected. We might find old storm damage. We can tell you how many years are left in your roof, which is important to know for financial planning. Certainly, if you see leaks in your ceiling, you should call for an inspection to prevent small problems from turning into big ones.

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