Home Owners Association

The primary purpose of a homeowner’s association is, of course, to maintain standards with the goal of ultimately maintaining property values within the community, whether the HOA covers a condominium complex or a luxury gated community. As any appraiser can attest, the roofing quality and materials used throughout the community are a prime factor in maintaining these values, both aesthetic and financial.

Unless the task is delegated, the HOA Coordinator is usually the single point of contact between vendors/service companies and the HOA as a whole. For this reason, it’s important for the coordinator to be well versed in the community’s technical needs and other requirements so that this information can be dispersed to vendors and contractors.

Roofing replacement and maintenance services are no different. Regardless of the coordinator’s expertise with roofing issues, working with a highly experienced vendor enables HOA coordinators to gain a partner in making the process smooth, cost-effective, and ultimately, successful. In so doing, the coordinator can help assure their position remains strong within the organization.

Mountain States Roofing, Inc. (MSRI) is family-owned and has been servicing the Colorado Front Range area for two generations. Expanding almost entirely via word-of-mouth referrals, we have the scalability to handle any project, but just as importantly, the values and experience to make any HOA project a success, without undue demands on the Coordinator’s valuable time, even if the coordinator has never managed a single roofing repair or replacement project in the past.


MSRI ensures you the best possible outcome with:

  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate the meeting times you need
  • Tremendous prior experience providing documentation that immediately meets the HOA board’s needs, so you don’t need to reschedule again and again
  • Work period flexibility -- whether you require intensive single-season completion, or need to spread the task out over multiple seasons to accommodate homeowner needs
  • Annual maintenance programs that scale with your needs, whether for only gutter inspection and cleaning yearly or to immediately address seasonal hail damage
  • Roof inspections on demand
  • Incident-based roofing repair, or entire re-roofing, as necessary
  • Flexibility to immediately meet your HOA’s CC&Rs for color, materials, and construction planning/execution

    In addition to these factors, the HOA coordinator will want to

  • Recommend a vendor with years of experience
  • Ensure the vendor has any number of referrals and references, to ensure the Board’s needs are met up-front, before the proposal is submitted (saving time and reducing necessary meetings)
  • Ensure the vendor is family-owned, in today’s more progressive community environment
  • Guarantee the vendor has an outstanding BBB rating, so the HOA Board needn’t ever worry about homeowner dissatisfaction (much less litigation, as has happened in some communities)


MSRI has been in the residential and commercial business for over twenty years. Throughout our history, we’ve maintained a stellar BBB rating. We have the experience, know-how, and laser-focus on customer service that allows us to provide the referrals you need up front, and protect the Board from dissatisfaction among community members (and ensure the Coordinator shines, getting the job done quickly, effectively, and on-budget)!


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