Condominium and Town Homes



Roofing Considerations

Your condominium is valuable, whether it is your home or your investment property, but as the owner, you face unique challenges in roofing repairs and replacement. Yet, it is important to protect that asset through regular inspections, quick repairs, and preventative maintenance.

Your roofing specialist should have the experience and resources to meet the challenges you face as a condominium owner.

Some of these challenges include:

  • Owner associations require Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions compliance to maintain the overall property value
  • Investment properties become liabilities if roofing conditions prevent occupation
  • Neighbors and Tenants have rights, too, which will certainly affect you if repairs are needed.

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions.

Many condominium properties have covenants, codes, and restrictions that affect you. They may have limitations on the materials that can be used during roofing repairs or replacements. There will usually be warranty and insurance requirements that affect you and your chosen roofing company. And code requirements of CC&Rs often exceed state and local building codes, and all those code requirements must be met, inspected, and certified compliant.

Owner Associations

Condominium owners’ associations may require the repair process include oversight by the OA Coordinator -- and their priority is the property as a whole, not individual owners. You’ll need to coordinate with them and your roofing specialist, if you own a condominium in a community with such an Association. And don’t forget those CC&Rs...


Liability Prevention

As a condominium owner, you face certain liabilities that conventional homeowners may not. After all, there are a lot of other people wandering around near your unit--neighbors, deliveries, property maintenance staff--all of whom increase your exposure to liability.


You need a roofing expert familiar with these issues, whether you need an inspection, repairs, or a new roof.

On a single-family dwelling, if your vendor damages shingles near a repair site, they can just repair it. With condominiums, if this occurs, you can’t just repair it--it’s not your property. Select a roofing company that is not only experienced in handling this sort of situation, so you don’t have to, but also has a reputation for avoiding these sorts of situations!

Also, with a house, if someone enters your property and gets injured due to equipment, debris, or other conditions that come from roofing activity, you would have added liability protection because they had to enter your property in the first place.

But with condominiums, your neighbors will be coming and going while repairs are underway. Even a ladder left out from an inspection exposes you to liability. Site staff are also conducting normal business, ranging from notice delivery to cutting the grass. All these people are exposed to whatever dangers are present from re-roofing or repairs.

An experienced roofing company will be aware of these issues and take every step to avoid liability for you. Many companies without specific Condominium roofing experience may not have the knowledge and experience to protect you from all that liability walking around nearby.


Neighbor & Tenant Rights

Neighbors in a condominium community have rights as well, which are likely to affect your roofing project, whether it’s an inspection, repair, or roof replacement. There will be noise ordinances, hours of operation, safety measures, and more that your roofing company needs to be aware of. They’ll need the experience and BBB-rating to assure you these issues are addressed!

And if something does go wrong, you’ll want to know your chosen roofing company has the experience to deal with the unique factors that affect condominium owners, the referrals and BBB-rating to assure you they won’t be problems in the first place, and knows how to interface with state, local, and property requirements, inspectors, and permits.

And the best way to avoid all of these problems is to engage roofing experts into your regular property inspections and preventative maintenance program. An inspection today can avoid the need to replace a roof next winter.

Experience. Scalability. Reputation. Be sure the professional roofing company you choose can meet all these requirements.