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How one HOA board got full replacement and great service

A hailstorm damaged many of the roofs in our 74-unit townhouse community and our insurance company wasn’t going to replace them all. I’m sure glad we got a public adjuster and chose Mountain States Roofing, because we wound up getting all the roofs replaced and covered by insurance. And there wasn’t a single homeowner complaint.

Those of us who volunteer for Homeowner Association boards want to do the best for our neighbors, but we aren’t experts. Therefore it is important that we choose contractors that are honest and reliable. Of all the contractors we we have worked with since I have been on the board, Mountain States is at top of the list.

The roofing contractor matters

I met with one contractor, and they really weren’t interested in what we had to say. At least they looked at the roofs. Two others sent in bids without coming out to the neighborhood.

But Roy and Bob at Mountain States met with us, got up on the units and looked at the roofs. They then gave us a bid that was within the insurance company proceeds, and it included top-of-the-line shingles guaranteed for 30 years. Not only could they replace all the roofs for the amount of the insurance proceeds, they gave us a few upgrades as well.

I think it helps that Mountain States is part of the community, has lots of experience, and truly cares about their customers.

Get the damage estimate right

Mountain States also was experienced with working with a public aduster – an independent claims adjuster who can double-check the damage estimate of the insurance company. In our case, the public adjuster more than doubled the money that the insurance company offered us.

Mountain States worked with the public adjuster. The Cobblestone board felt like we were in very good hands.

Big job done right

Mountain States’ service was fantastic. It was a big job, so several crews were in the neighborhood for four or five weeks. They covered the landscaping with plywood and tarps, and cleaned up every evening. They used a magnet to sweep up nails. They even fixed a couple of residents’ flat tires, no questions asked.

Bob or Roy were on site every day, and their foreman was quick to respond to questions and concerns.

Not only did the HOA board not hear a single complaint, we actually received compliments. And that is pretty amazing, considering how big a job this was, the potential for inconvenience and the very real implications for our home values.

Ray G.
HOA Board
Cobblestone at Heather Ridge

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